For all enquiries please contact Trevor Maroney, Chairman at: or tel: 01428 725193

STEERING GROUP The members of the Steering Group, the BLPP Governing Body, are:

Committee: Primary Portfolios: Change:
Trevor Maroney (Chairman) Economics, Education & Training, Emergency Services, Infrastructure, Other Topics  & Youth Survey  
Jacqui Poole (Secretary) Sports & Leisure, Social Care & Unemployment  
John Tough (Treasurer) Traffic & Transport  
Antoinette Afrikian Assisted with Sports & Recreation  Resigned 12th March 2014
Eve Hope Health, Social & Welfare & Unemployment   Re-joined 19th March 2014.  Resigned 12th August 2014
Phil Jordan Environment & Communications   Resigned 12th March 2014
Simon Cooper Facilitator & Media Resigned 2012
Lee Stewart Business & Employment  
Sarah Frankland Hamlets Retired 17th February 2015
Jeanette Kirby Planning & Development, Assisted on Sports & Recreation, Education & Training    
Robin Young Elderly, Disabled & Medical  
Carole Holmes Elderly, Disabled & Medical   Died April 2014
Tony Rudgard Assisting on Sport & Recreation  


Team: Expertise:  
Margit Beavon Secretary, Bramshott Place Residents Association Resigned  12th August 2014
Adrian Bird Architect Retired 17th February 2015
Mukund Patel Scout Leader  
Martin Feast Football Referee Resigned  12th August 2014
Colin Osborne Rep. Lowsley Farm Action Group  
Andrew Pope Surveyor/Rep. Bohunt Manor Action Group Resigned 12th August 2014

The Audit Team was amalgamated with the Steering Group on 12 March 2014.         

If you have any thoughts or suggestions that you would like us to consider please speak to anyone listed above.  Thank you.

Constitution – This contains the rules and terms of reference under which the Committee (Steering Group) manages the Bramshott and Liphook Parish Plan.

Biographical Notes Mar 13 – These notes have been included to show that the Committee, whose members are all volunteers, is drawn from people with diverse skills, experience and backgrounds